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Parent Testimonials

I want to start by thanking you SO MUCH for having such an excellent staff and program. We started with you in the Fall because (frankly) it was convenient -- we lived less than 5 minutes from you. I planned on staying through the end of December to make a clean break to switch to a different program that was closer to Ham Lake after we moved... but after spending countless hours looking at different programs, absolutely nothing compared to you guys! Gavin adores his teachers, I have been nothing but completely impressed with everyone I've talked with at LOL, I love the fact that I can email you and you respond to me quickly, I really like the 9am-12pm class time rather than the shorter classes that other programs offer, I like that you do chapel weekly (other programs do it only monthly)... I could go on and on.

I've loved hearing stories about different guests that you've brought in (The penguin has been one of my favorites! And Gavin still talks about that... "Did you know that the penguins that are little and black and white are called tuxedo penguins?" Haha, so cute!"), Isaac had a great time at Pancakes with Pop, the Christmas program was adorable, I treasure that little bookmark that you made for the parents. I've used your little coffee cafe quite a few times - that was a great addition! And I appreciate that you let Henry run around in the gym on a couple of those cold, snowy days that we just didn't want to make the trek back home. He feels like it's his school as much as it's Gavin's! :)

Jenna 2014


I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful job you guys do! Tenley is so happy! She now teaches us lessons every day to make us better people.

Jeremy 2014


My daughter H was in your program 2 years ago, and when it came time to find a preschool for M I had her enrolled her in a church program about a mile and a half from my house..... But that program was nothing compared to yours, so I switched. I drive about 10 miles each way to get to your program, but it has always been worth it! You, and all your teachers should be very proud of what you have there!! You have great teachers, great classrooms, a great curriculum. The best way to describe it, is that your program is the closest I have seen to a school classroom setting, it is the perfect stepping stone for kids before entering Kindergarten, and I am very glad that my girls went to The Lord Of Life preschool program.

Thank you so much!

A 2014



All three of my kids have had great experiences there with absolutely no complaints. All the teachers are wonderful with kids and also very personable with parents at pickup and drop off. I love that my kids have all come home knowing things about the bible and Jesus and how to be a Christian friend beyond what I say at home, or what they learn in Sunday School. It's a blessing that their first learning will have a focus through church rather than just learning their alphabet and numbers - its truly so much more important at their age. Thanks for all you do - wish I had more kids to go to LOL :)

T - 2014


I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and the entire staff for stepping in to help my family out in our time of great need. I was very perplexed when my husband told me about the wonderful plan you have for Zuriel in helping coordinate her daycare arrangement, what a great love and kind gesture. My entire family wants you to know how much we appreciate this great love and kind gesture. Thanks for making us a part of this great family here at Lord of Life pre school from the very first day I walked into your office. May the Good Lord richly bless you all. Once again thank you so much, this great family will always have a special place in our hearts.



I am extremely happy with LOL preschool! Daniel has grown in so many ways this year, and I feel 100% more comfortable sending him to Kindergarten this coming fall than I did last year at this time. I was concerned with waiting to send him that his academic growth would slow down or stall out, but that has not happened! Ms. Fluegel and Ms. Johnson have encouraged his academic growth, and I can see his excitement for reading and numbers in much of what he does at home. He has also grown socially this year. His teachers have helped him begin to figure out how to interact in a classroom with teachers and peers. I feel that he has a great foundation with which to build his early school years!

I really think you have a top notch program, and I wish I would have found you before I was on my last child! :)

Thanks so much!

Krista 2014


First off, we want to thank you for an amazing preschool experience for Kellen this year. We debated about sending him to the extended day class, but are SO happy that we did. He has branched out and made new friends, has developed more confidence in himself and has made some great academic gains. We have received excellent communication and feedback from you, Mrs. Johnson, and appreciate all that you have done for Kellen and for us. Kellen very much enjoys school, which is largely due to the experience he has had this year. Again, thank you so very much!

As far as program feedback goes, we both have appreciated the opportunity to participate in class/school activities that have been offered throughout the year. Being able to read to Kellen's class was so much fun! Matt also said that Pancakes with Pop was enjoyable and it was fun to see Kellen outside of his "usual" routine at home.

Carrie - 2014


McKenzie is fairly new to LOL preschool but so far she has had a great experience. We found out about LOL preschool from a friend. I really enjoy getting emails that keep my up to date on what is going on at the school. The other day McKenzie started doing hand signals in the car saying they were for peace, patience, and the other fruits of the spirit. I asked her what she was doing and she said that they were the fruits of the spirit and that she had learned them at preschool. She is always sharing stories with us about what she learned in class and really enjoys the “HUUUGGGE” gym. We always get excited to look at the monthly calendar and see what the color of the month is, what the letters of the week are to start getting ideas for show and tell and what events are going on. We are really glad McKenzie has had such a great experience there.

Thanks, Kristi 2014


I think the school year has gone by fantastic! David always has lots to inform me about at school and the "fruit" behavior has really stuck with him:) We found out about LOL from Kari. David tells me about chapel with Ben, animals that come to visit, songs that they sing, projects he has done etc. I really did like the Christmas program and look forward to the spring one! The emails are super handy (especially because they go to dad's email too, so he gets to catch up on things also). David has made lots of friends and loves his teachers very much. Can't say anything that would need to be improved at this point!

Leah 2014


Lord of Life gets it right!!! Yeah!!!!

Seriously, week after week, I just want more and more to put the brakes on and make this year slow down. It's all going way too fast. You guys are so wonderful -- you do everything so well without overwhelming the tykes with so much that they can't take it all in.

Keep up the great work!

K 2014


This is exactly why we love, love, LOVE Lord of Life Preschool. Selah, as we walked out of school this morning, began talking about how God's love for us is immeasurable. She went on and on about how we will never understand how much God loves us because we can't measure how big his love is.

That wasn't even the lesson this week... it was last week. The things you are teaching are sticking for our kids!!!

Keep it up. What a great impact you are having as our little ones take their first steps into the big world.

Kara 2013


I would like to say that I support your preschool program and would recommend it to people I know in the area. Tyler has made MANY friends this year and is excited to go to school each day. My thanks to you and your teachers for providing such a great atmosphere.

thank you,

Brian 2014


First of all, Thank You to everyone at Lord of Life Preschool for an awesome year!! Dominic came a little late into the program, but he was very welcomed. We had tried another preschool early in the Fall and Dominic did not do well there at all. It was actually a very tough experience for us and we were very nervous with Kindergarten in the foreground. We are so glad we found you guys!!! We thought we would run into the same issues...but did not at all. Dominic seemed to fit right in and loooooves Mrs. Johnson. You can tell that she does have a genuine interest in each of the kids! Dominic did not want to have any conversations about Kindergarten for a long time, but now he has begun the countdown for Preschool graduation and can't wait to start Kindergarten- we are sooo excited he is at this point! We are so blessed by the entire staff there and so happy he had this foundation to start. Again, thank you so much!!!

The DeLuca Family 2013


I think I sometimes take for granted just how influential you and your staff are in helping Dan and I establish in our children the importance of Gods love for all people. We teach our kids to be kind and loving and to have faith that with God all things are possible! LOL helps us establish and reinforce these and many more faith based messages with our kids...all the while teaching the ABCs and 1,2,3s! Gabe still rattles off the fruits of the spirit, Ginger loves school and wants to go everyday and in a couple years Rose will be there too. Thanks for supporting our family through all your work at LOL. You make us feel so special when we are there.


Just had to send some feedback, so to sum up - you guys are totally awesome and we love it there!!

Becky 2013


The school year has been going great for Macie – she loves it. We have really seen her blossom this year – can’t wait for next year because we know it will be even more. Macie absolutely raved about the police officer yesterday – definitely a hit!

Erica 2014


Noela's preschool story:

When Grandma was here in November, while we awaited the arrival of little sister; Noela kept repeating "in all things give thanks! Thessalonians (at that time, she knew verse too)". Grandma could not figure out what she was saying for quite some time:) and, then it dawned on her that it was a Bible verse from preschool!

Pam H


We chose Lord of Life preschool because it is a christian based school. The teachers are loving and caring (and both my girls adore you guys) and provide a wonderful environment.

When people ask about preschool we always tell them about the wonderful experience we have had over the years with Lord of Life. We love to see the growth and development in our children. I also tell many parents how important it is to provide a preschool experience for their child if possible. It prepared Ella to be a good student in elementary and since Kindergarten is so different than it was when many of us parents went it is so important to give them a classroom experience before entering school.

I honestly can not think of anything that I would change. Kate always has positive experiences to share with us and is learning while having fun! Thank you for all your hard work!

Christeen and John H 2012


I couldn't resist sending this! Noah came home today and wanted to tell me about the fruit of the spirit. :) Lisa 2012

watch video


We've had a great experience with Andrew at LOL the past 2 years. He looks forward to preschool everyday and always come home with a smile on his face and exciting things to tell me, even if we had a rough start getting out the door that morning. He's learned everything I'd hoped which was mainly to interact with new groups of children and be more comfortable in a classroom/group setting. He's certainly made great strides at that, as well as academically with the curriculum. I think back to where he was 2 years ago and I'm baffled at how far he's come with his numbers, handwriting and letter sounds.

Thanks again, Jen 2012


I think that it is important that parent involvement takes place, especially with parents like us who are not able to drop off and pick up our child from preschool. Therefore, I truly enjoy the fact that Lord of Life has “homework” each week. Our whole family helps Mallory come up with something unique to bring in her sharebag for the color/shape of the month or the letter of the week. It’s not just Mallory’s homework, it becomes a shared family activity.

We are truly going to miss Mallory not attending Lord of Life preschool next year, but look forward to the fact that our son, Colin, will be attending in a few years. Thank you for everything that you all do! :)

Amy R (2011)

We see the joy and growth in Colin develop everyday that he comes home from preschool. He loves his teachers and is making friends and truly loves

doing all of the preschool activities. He is learning and developing at a rapid rate and we can only give that credit to Lord of Life, and of course, whatever Mallory decides to teach him from first grade!

One of my favorite things is even though both Jason and I work full time, we are still connected to everything that is going on at preschool because of the fabulous teachers! We love the fact that we are always informed about everything that is happening and that we have such an open relationship with his teachers and can always contact them with any concerns or issues. I love that when we come to preschool for conferences or preschool programs, we get hugs from all the teachers that Mallory had! It's a wonderful feeling to know that you are still remembered even though you cannot be there every week.

I also love that even though Mallory went through the same preschool program at Lord of Life, you are always using cutting edge statistics to continue to develop the curriculum for your preschool program.

We would never choose any other preschool for our family! Who knows, you guys might have another spirited Rian come through those preschool doors someday! Thank you all for everything you do for not only Colin, but our entire family! Mallory cannot wait to see every one of you at the spring preschool program!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

~ Jason, Amy, Mallory and Colin R (2013)


Thank you so much to you and your team for taking such good care of Natalia these past several months! It has been a huge blessing. You don't need to change a thing. I feel very fortunate that Natalia will be returning next year three days a week for pre kindergarten.

I chose Lord of Life preschool last summer after Dave and Beth K left Andover to move to Arkansas. You were my second and final phone call in search of a preschool. I just had a good feeling from the moment I learned you were preparing to add an additional class for three year olds. I originally considered LOL based upon the geographic location and a spiritual environment. I'm far from disappointed. Talented teachers, organization, communication, chapel, crafts, curriculum, Christmas program, gym, personal attention, it's all dialed in. Needless to say, I would highly recommend it to any friends in the area.

I love the growth I've seen in Natalia. She has come home saying prayers, singing songs, and regularly having pretend parties with her favorite pal from preschool. It warms my heart to have her tell me what she's planning to say to Ms Jenna in class. One day as we were leaving, a girl from another class said 'goodbye' to Natalia by name and Natalia replied, 'bye'. I could see the pride and confidence in her face as she told me about her friend. It's so nice to see that there's also interaction between the different classes. I feel that Lord of Life offers a nice blend of a class room type atmosphere, yet with a sense that the staff truly cares for and loves the kids. Ms Jenna is doing a fabulous job with her class. Please extend thanks to her on my behalf.

I believe you are having a bigger impact on the kids and families than you can possibly realize. Please keep up the good work. You are appreciated.

Victor N 2011


What stands out for me is how the teachers treat each child as the unique little boy or girl that God made. I appreciate how the staff has never tried to stifle the creativity and uniqueness of my girls! Rather, it seems as if it is encouraged, which has allowed them to blossom under your program. I think that mind-set, along with the knowledge that not every child learns the same way, sets your program apart from other preschool choices. Lastly, it has been wonderful, yet humbling, to watch my girls grow in their walk with God. To them, Jesus is alive and very real--your staff has had a big part to play in that.

Doris R 2010


Here's my testimonial:

Beginning the search for pre-school was nothing I had imagined. The stress and anxiety, is it the right speed of learning? Is the environment comfortable for him to open up and build friendships and social skills? Are the teachers going to really care about my kid with all those other kids that they have to watch over? This is just too intense, I can only imagine what college will be like. Well the hunt began and my husband and I were debating between a montessori or a christian based pre-school. We had already visited the montessori school and I really felt like my mind was made up, until I met with Beth. She was all the things I was looking for in a teacher - kindness yet with boundaries - Cooper seemed to connect with her right away. She seemed to nail it when she said, "looks like we have a negotiator on our hands", how could someone know my son so well meeting him the first time. We left and I teared up knowing this was the perfect fit; this was God's plan for my son. The months have been great for my son. Even when he's not at school he tells every one about his "Bef and Lisa". It's nice as a mom to know that your child is not just another student and they really care, not just about teaching the curricular activities, but their emotional growth too. I can't wait til next year for my youngest son to be in their class as well!

Joni B 2011


I can't say enough good about the Lord of Life Preschool program. The girls love love love school. They love their teachers. I think you and your staff are talented, patient, knowledgeable and always offer suggestions when we parents are in need of some kind of resolution.

I love the fact that they get to go to Chapel. They tell me stories of Jesus and seem to have really grasped some of the great things he has done and is doing in our lives. I enjoyed the kindness exercise, it has helped in squabbles at our house. I like the share bags every week, the crafts they get to do and tell me about are engaging and fun. They truly enjoy both you and Lisa, and still speak kindly of Ms. Lee as well. I can tell they feel cared about by both of you and always want to go to school. It is a little scary for stay at home moms, who have given most of the care, to let go and have someone else take over for a bit. I trust my girls to Lord of Life and know that they are in great, caring hands.

They have learned so much over the past two years at preschool, truly amazing! They are spelling words on their own and you can see the "ah ha!" moments when they understand. They continue to learn how to relate to other kids and being in preschool has taught them kindness and sharing above and beyond.

On a lesser note - the hours are great - other preschools only had class until 11:30.

You and your staff are always friendly, engaged and calm. How does that happen? I believe you have the hardest job on earth and you do it so well. I don't think I would change anything, except to do the year over so we could experience it again ;-). We are going to miss LOL next year for sure!

Ann B 2010


I just want you to know that I've enjoyed your emails. I like the email to keep up today for when I forget the calendar....I enjoy the literature you've emailed and have found it all useful! Do not stop! Very useful info for families. I am so going to miss Brynn being in the pre school program. I am excited for her with her next chapter of life, but yet so silently sad as it means she has grown up. Lord Of Life has been so good to our family. We have NO family in MN so you all have become our families...the teachers are ALL amazing....everyone of you has touched our lives in some way. I appreciated you giving us info on how to help Brynn deal with her little friend that passed from Cancer....just an amazing two years! I look forward to Megan joining the pre school program when she is of age. Great job! Keep it up! You are all amazing!!!

God Bless!



I heard about Lord of Life from other people who only spoke positively about the preschool.

Rya and Roman have had 2 fabulous years with 3 great teachers. It warms my heart to hear them singing about Jesus! They get so excited to go to school. They are well prepared for Kindergarten and you have helped us to lay a good foundation for knowing and loving God.

Thank you for all you do!

Gina (2012)

Lynn (and Kathie), I've been thinking about you and the impact you had on my kids. Thank you! They love Kindergarten and as of right now know 38 sight words. That's way more than my big kids needed to know all year! Things sure have changed. Anyway, thank you for laying the foundation for learning and for teaching them about Jesus!

Gina (2013)


We have been so happy with Trey and Kilee's preschool experience. They love it there. They want to come to school every day. Both kids have gained skills and confidence in different areas based in their needs and etc. You have enriched both of them in so many ways, we don't even know where to begin. The kids love all the different activities you have offered and we really like all the variation in their day! When it comes to daily activities, music, transitions, guest speakers, topics, and etc. You provide a warm, safe, and friendly experience. We feel very comfortable having you educate our children! We know our children are safe and well cared for, which says a lot and means a lot to parents. We actually want to send our youngest child there in a year.

I guess for a parent who works and does not see you every day, a little more communication would be nice, even though i am not complaining! I know you are busy! We just like to know what is going on more. The kids tell us somethings.

Thanks so much for all that you do!

The calendars are very helpful!

Jill B. 2011


It's hard to believe that another year is over and that Jonah is already done with preschool!! Lord of Life preschool has been a WONDERFUL experience for us, and I'm very thankful God led us to this school! We have loved getting to know you, Lisa, Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Rensch, and I really appreciate how everyone has gotten to know us as well. Although there were days where it was hard to get Jonah motivated to go to school, there wasn't a single time he came out of school without a smile and a good day. He loved all his teachers and he loved all the activities, craft projects, songs, etc that went into each school day. Not only that, I also appreciate the education he received. Although I initially wanted to be his sole educator until kindergarten, I'm so thankful I chose to send him to school. He learned so much more than I could have taught him, and it also took some pressure off me knowing that I wasn't the only one helping him learn. My favorite is when he would come home knowing another Bible story, verse or song since that's the main reason we chose Lord of Life. Of course, my all-time favorite projects were the Mother's Day and Father's Day cards where Jonah answered questions about us. It melted my heart to hear about ourselves from his perspective and how much he treasures even the littlest things with us. :)

Thanks again for taking such good care of my boy! I knew every time I dropped him off that he was in good hands.

I look forward to seeing you all again when we send Ellie to Lord of Life as soon as she's old enough!

Lisa H 2012


I want to take this opportunity to write and thank you for making our grandson Sawyer's first school experience so wonderful !

It was important to me that this year Sawyer would have teachers like you both who help him to feel secure and good about himself. I could not be happier that he was able to have this past year in your class. You have done so many special things that I can't begin to name them all, but I do remember them and marvel at how you make time for every child with such love and energy.

It has been such a joy for me to watch Sawyer's growth this year. He may seem quiet and possibly shy in class, but he remembers and shares everything you tell him and every story you read to him. When his Mom bought him his first pair of sandals for Easter he happily went home and told his Dad..."Look at my new Jesus shoes!"

Thank you Beth and Lisa for an awesome year that really made a difference in a three year olds life.

With love and deep appreciation,

Penny R 2010


I think that the Lord of Life preschool program has been a great experience for my son Benjamin. He had attended preschool through the district last year and part of this past year. I did not think it was a good experience. However, since he has started preschool at Lord of Life, he has been learning and socializing much better. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. I can tell that everyone at Lord of Life really cares about the kids and what they are doing.

Thank you for making preschool a wonderful experience for my son!

Anise K


We have been very pleased with your program at LOL. Our daughter has continued to blossom in her skills and has become prepared to attend Kindergarten in the fall. Additionally, the varied opportunities for learning that you have provided have been wonderful. We love seeing the students on Face Book as it's provided us an opportunity to further share in her experience. Keep up the great work! :)

Melissa - 2014


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